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Our Philosophy

Serena and NikkiAt CenterPoint we believe that women veterans are inherently strong, compassionate, resourceful, and capable of full recovery from stressful or traumatic experience. We believe that in the same way that a traumatic experience can have lasting impact on one's life, a deeply positive experience of safety, connection, and nourishment can also have a lifelong impact. Our retreats are designed to give the woman veteran an opportunity to build the confidence and skills to make changes in her relationships to herself, others, and life circumstances, and to┬áregain a sense of community and mutually supportive, authentic relationships. We have seen many times that in the presence of skilled facilitators, activities and teaching designed to address issues relevant to women veterans, and the support and understanding of other women vets, women veterans have the capacity to make dramatic changes in their lives. CenterPoint Retreats use current, proven techniques in the recovery from stress and trauma, including mindfulness awareness practices, experiential activities, and body-centered practices of stress management. At the core of the program is a philosophy of respect for each woman's choices and journey of recovery, and support for each participant to chart her own course during the retreat. We believe that the core of healing is authentic relationship and nourishing, reparative experiences. CenterPoint retreats follow a gradual progression of connection, offering the skills in communication, stress management and self expression that allow for deep relationships to form between participants. Facilitators model authentic relationship by being authentic themselves and by facilitating safe, honest, and authentic discussions and experiences. Our approach to healing trauma is based on building strength and resources. We build resources first, teaching specific tools of self-regulation and cultivating the social bonds that are the safety net for integrating traumatic experience. We educate participants about the neurobiological basis of PTSD and stress responses, and instill an understanding of the daily practices they can take on behalf of their own healing. Our model of experiential, community-based recovery is unique, and we draw from the work of respected leaders in the trauma field including Peter Levine, Stephen Porges, Robert Scaer, and David Bercelli, among others.