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Wilderness Quests

CenterPoint Wilderness Quests are for women veterans ready to take on the time-honored tradition of venturing alone into the natural world, with a supportive community at your back. It is a time of deep inquiry into the nature of self, the language and ‘culture’ of wild places, and the conversation that happens when a raw and open self meets the heart and wisdom of the natural world.

Many indigenous cultures have rituals of solo quests, often marking a transition of life stages. While CenterPoint quests draw on the wisdom of different cultures’ knowledge and practice of this timeless ritual, our quests are designed to accommodate the wide range of issues, intentions, and transitions that modern-day humans bring to this sacred ceremony.

CenterPoint Wilderness Quests take place in the high deserts of Utah in the spring and fall, and the mountains of Colorado in the summer. Quests involve a period of clarifying your intentions and being witnessed in this, a period of up to four days and nights of solo time and fasting, and a period of integration.

There are no scheduled Wilderness Quests at this time. Please contact us if you are interested in participating on a Quest. We will schedule a Quest when we have a minimum number of interested participants.